One Ocean Film Tour 2021

Release date: 08/06/22 | 128mins | Documentary

One Ocean Film Tour 2021

  • RELEASE DATE: 08/06/22
  • RUNTIME: 128mins
  • DIRECTOR: Dana Brown, Stash Wislocki, Deveraux Gallagher, Charles Atkinson, Jeff Ostenson, Maarten van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal, Rachel Heckerman

The One Ocean Film Tour presented by Blancpain is a world-class series of ocean-loving films focused on adventure, the aquatic environment and inspirational stories. This year’s tour features 8 short films including ocean conservation, surfing, diving, exploration and much much more.

Now in its second year, One Ocean has the vision to increase awareness about ocean protection and conservation by sharing films made by people who have dedicated their lives to the ocean and all her glory. All screenings are official registered events with World Ocean Day.

The Last Vaquita

A pair of brothers head to Mexico where they join a crew of ocean conservationists who are fighting to save the most endangered marine mammal on the planet.

A Life of Endless Summers: The Bruce Brown Story

A Life of Endless Summers, The Bruce Brown Story is the exclusive retrospective story on Bruce Brown’s life told by the one who knew him best, his son, Dana Brown. It’s a story of a man, a father, a husband, a filmmaker, a pioneer, a legend – a story of a life well lived.


A solo-circumnavigation is a daunting challenge for just about any sailor, let alone a sailor who happens to be a double amputee. Singlehanded takes us through the waters of Antarctica and the infamous Drake Passage (considered one of the most treacherous sailing destinations in the word) with Dustin Reynolds, the survivor of a life-altering accident who has sailed more than 20,000 miles alone over the past five years.

A Boy’s Journey: Crossing The Alenuihaha Channel

On August 6, 2020, eleven-year-old Bobo Gallagher became the first person ever to cross the Alenuihaha Channel on a wing and a foil and only the second documented solo crossing of that crossing in history. This is his story.

Recolonizing the Elwha

Ten years ago, the world’s largest dam removal began on the Elwha River, allowing salmon to recolonize their lost habitat. This is the story of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe’s connection to that river and the hatchery that kept those salmon runs alive.

The Corona Comeback of Egypt’s Dolphins

During the corona pandemic, the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins are getting a break from tourism disturbance at certain reef areas usually very popular for “swimming with dolphin” programs. The dolphins use these particular areas for sleeping/resting and socializing.

Scientists are able to get deeper insights during this time into how tourism can affect the daily lives of these dolphins.

Under the Ice of the Antarctica

While working as a dishwasher at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Rachel Heckerman serendipitously befriended a team of scientists and scuba divers, who offered her the chance to experience life in Antarctica through their eyes. Not knowing you could scuba dive on this continent, nor knowing that sea spiders are a species that exist, she wanted to share their story with the world from the most unique and isolated continent on earth. Based on the research of Amy Moran from the University of Hawaii.

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